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Challenge, Conquer, Never stop,Baoshida management cadres climb The highest peak of Jinan
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Sorching Summer, Infinite passion. Baoshida management cadres climb-up the highest peak of Jinan----“mount YUNTI”, The theme of this activity is “challenges, conquer, never stops”, Group leaders, industry units above the middle management cadre and 2017 management trainee to join this event.

Mount YUNTI also called ladder mountain, is located in the southern mountains of Jinan, 976 meters above sea level, the peak of clouds, vast momentum is not a development for the scenic mountains, rugged road, often climbing partner for either physical or Mountaineering skills is a great challenge.

At13:30 p.m, Under the leadship of the tour lead ,The team gathered on the foot of the mountain, After 1.5 hours of hiking and climbing through the forest, all three members of the team finally at 15:00 p.m climb up the top ladder mountain, and at 16:30 p.m.return to the camp. The team members give full play to the good work style of unity and mutual assistance and teamwork. The 2017 management team formed by
Post-90s girls, but they were able to overcome the difficulties, mutual aid, develop team strength, with a large force to victory in the summit on the way.

Overlooking the mountains, Clouds shrouded, Beautiful mountains and rivers;

The summit and call, Express their feelings, Praise the team together.

Three hours of hiking, No one is left behind. Everyone overcame all difficulties and obstacles, will challenge the limits of personal strength.Upon the teams encouragement and support, overcome all difficulties, this sprits will always encourage BaoShida staffs go ahead bravely. “The man standing atop outstands the peak.”We will adhere to the spirit of enterprise--" Establish objectives , make achievements "Challenge, Conquer, Never stop"!


【Challenge, Conquer, Never stop,Baoshida management cadres climb The highest peak of Jinan】

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