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The Group management trainee training in 2017
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A working day of July, The Group officially ushered in from outside the provinces key universities, full of vitality and hope of the 2017 management trainee team, which opened the 2017 session of the "90’S Hundred Eagle project" for a period of three months of training.

In July 3rd, The group human resources management center for the activities of the opening ceremony of the group to build and open up a fresh outlook for the 2017 session of the management trainee. Just out of school by the 2017 management trainee consisting of "Soaring" " Navigator " which opened in the Star treasure Corps occupation journey.

In the period of intense military training for two weeks, The group vice president Li Ruihua made a special arrangement to visit the 2017 human resources management trainee, and made the "To be a leader" theme speech.

Liruihua gave The Future Leader mission and location to Baoshida 90’S Hundred Eagle project of the Management Trainee,with the opening (future leader), interpretation of the meaning of the title, " hope every management trainee to the advanced" leader "on the journey ahead in the camp of the moment, never stop with." the high-level group attaches great importance to the "90’s Hundred Eagle project, and hope to the 2017 session of hundred Eagle engineering into the camp buddy.

The leader must consider the situation with the first principle of cognition of the outside world. Lee detailed interpretation of the current international society, the six major trends facing the organization of political economy and enterprise Chinese. General Lee pointed out that in the tide of globalization, China because of the demographic dividend and as a manufacturing power, has become the beneficiaries of globalization, with the fourth industrial revolution and after the arrival of the era of globalization, the cost of manufacturing China index (96) and the US (100) more closely, "Chinese manufacturing" has been in India, Mexico and other countries with lower manufacturing cost index to replace, in the future, taking our jobs in addition to intelligent robots, as well as low cost India, Vietnamese workers "so, in order not to be eliminated in the new era, only to become irreplaceable. The China economic downturn, real economic downturn, structural adjustment is the" new normal ", and the enterprise The organization will be more flat, more flexible, functional organization structure of project organization will be replaced, and everyone in the organization must be a direct contributor. By the impact of economic and organizational changes, Chinese social stratum is more and more serious, see cold door without the child "to the interpretation of our rationality is" now our efforts in a sense, for the next three generations of happiness. "

Finally, Liruihua gave the recommendations to the management trainee: “sink in the heart, a true understanding of a field, do not give up easily, stand ups and downs, make friends with the time, finally found the love thing; open mind, sunshine state of mind, improve the ability of people, who love the choice of love things together; a person in the organizations growth is met with the process, the system and the objective world continuous collision, active crack reconstruction, break their boundaries”

"90’s Hundred Eagle project" is an important part of the Baoshida group "talent development strategy for fine talent" system, also is the management cadre training talent development projects for the group, through three years of continuous training and practice, the final selection and training of high quality to meet the leader of the groups development strategy.

"Some things need to be handed over to the future / some people you can give him time especially those who give him time / he can give you a future - not the same person we wish the 2017 management trainee can hone, in the treasure platform Star growth, create a different future!


【The Group management trainee training in 2017】

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