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Welcome customers of Brazil to visit the International Trade Company
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In June 21, 2017, Mr. Eduardo Bastos business director, technical director Mr. Francisco Jr Mr. Julien Zhu from Brazil Union company, director of the supplier for a three people to visit the company again, The general manager of the company, Liu Jian, Dongying park, Petroleum equipment company always accompanied a warmly reception, we abtained the highly appraise for our comprehensive strength from the customers.

This visiting purpose explore both sides in the long plunger sand special oil pump, tube pump and pump detection, new cooperation maintenance line parts and a series of fields. Accompanied by relevant leaders and technical staff of the site to visit the factory operation area, the pump product technical requirements to do an in-depth exchange. The company responsible for the company development, equipment and technology to improve product advantages are described in detail. The technical requirements of the customer put forward a professional answer. Both sides put forward many constructive proposals in technology exchange, in-depth discussions on cooperation in the future.

The visiting lay a good foundation for our long-term cooperation, common development Hoping that by the joint efforts of both sides as to achieve a better vision of mutual benefit and win-win.

【Welcome customers of Brazil to visit the International Trade Company】

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