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Industrial Company carry out fire drills and take before the fire
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Industrial company organized a fire safety training in the afternoon of June 26th
On the drill site, industrial company security officer Qu Ye factory first to the staff of production safety publicity materials, combined with the characteristics of fire on the essentials of workshop, fire safety knowledge, how the initial fire fighting and fire hose, knowledge the use of fire extinguishers, and a live demonstration of how to use fire extinguishers. Subsequently, the staff picked up the fire extinguisher for the actual operation. Through practice and learning, not only mastered the use of fire extinguishers, but also enhance the awareness of fire safety, enhance the ability to extinguish the fire at the initial stage.
Industrial Company has been the fire safety as a priority task, organize weekly safety inspection, improve staff awareness of fire, prevention is not "burning", production and operation to ensure security and stability. Qu leaves factory said that everyone should know the fire of knowledge, should be simple to learn how to fire, how to use a fire hydrant once. Fire, can minimize the loss, ensure the safety of life and property.

【Industrial Company carry out fire drills and take before the fire】

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