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Cable technology company carry out elevator emergency rescue training
Type:Company News  From:Baoshida group  Time:2017-6-23  Read:692

Cable technology company invited professional technical personnel from Hitachi elevator company to carry out elevator emergency rescue knowledge training for equipment departments staffs in the morning of June 23rd.

The training has theoretical knowledge and practice to observe the combination of elevator technical personnel first principle of elevator, elevator, dangerous condition analysis and emergency rescue process were explained, and the safe operation of the elevator rescue operation standards and elevator control cabinet in order to start the scene exercise training. The scene, all the trainees on the elevator rescue matters and safe riding knowledge actively consult and participate in interactive discussions.

The elevator to carry out emergency rescue training, Giving a further understanding of the operation and fault rescue procedure of elevator for the company equipment department, Improving the elevator administrator emergency rescue capability, emergency rescue work to lift and lay a solid foundation.

【Cable technology company carry out elevator emergency rescue training】

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