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Cable technology company invited the fire brigade fire training exercises guidance
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Cable technology company invited Yucheng city fire brigade come to carry out fire safety training on the 16th June, conducted a fire drill, Miniature Park Fire Station staff to participate in activities.

On the training site, the fire brigade responsible person from the actual situation of the park, combined with the current seasonal characteristics, from the initial development of the fire, the basic law, out of the fire prevention and disposal of the early fire method to speak up, to close to the actual, practical knowledge of the details of the fire, the fire hazard, initial fire how to save and alarm, how to organize the evacuation, escape, self-help; and suits for battle, use of fire equipment maintenance and matters needing attention in detail; then, the fire officers and soldiers to carry out the on-site fire drills.
This training enhances the micro team fire station service quality and the micro fire station fire safety inspections and initial fire disposal capacity, laid a solid foundation for the steady development of fire prevention and control work.

【Cable technology company invited the fire brigade fire training exercises guidance】

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