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The cable industry is facing a huge challenge. Diversifying into the international market
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With the development of science and technology, the rapid development of economy, the cable industry is facing enormous challenges in the traditional industry. At present, the domestic cable industry average profit rate about 3%~4%, how to finance in crisis at the same time in the production of finished products, and the sustainable development of the direction finding opportunities has become the common industry businesses worth considering. In recent years the development of Internet, e-commerce technology rapidly, the Internet has affected peoples increasing, but changing the development strategy of all walks of life. Leveraging the tide of Internet development to change the status quo is the trend. As a traditional industry, cable industry, cable and electronic business emerging The service platform is the perfect combination of days after the road of development, can develop a broader market for cable. Wire and cable manufacturing industry is the supporting industrys largest national economy, which satisfies the use of technology, price and other requirements, but also meet the peoples living standards requirements. So the advanced application performance has become a necessity in the development of Guangzhou Nanyang cable company took the lead with a keen eye found with originality, so as to increase the intensity of widely used in energy, transportation, communications, automotive, petrochemical and other basic industries, and achieve continuous 20 years of heavy credit, keep the contract, for the company. A good reputation. Wire and cable manufacturing industry as a traditional industry in supporting industries, is the foundation of every industry, it is affected by the development of domestic and international economic situation, the dynamic influence policy. Therefore, closely related with the development of national economy, Chen Guofei said, in the Internet environment with the help of NAN, the South brand wire cable has been exported to Australia, Yemen, Nigeria, Mongolia and other countries and regions. Through long-term operation, with safe and stable quality won the trust of customers at home and abroad.
After 30 years of pioneering spirit, enterprises continue to grow and develop, with four to reach the domestic advanced level of 35kV and below the traffic power cable, the introduction of Germanys advanced industrial equipment. Has become the industry leader. Through the continuous development of technology updates, the use of new optical fiber, optoelectronics and 1550nm transmission structure gradually applied, so that todays network designers have a better choice. And with the application of the Internet, online electronic platform to help offline store seeking better buyers and better technology, in the two-way, modern network front, technology is always the first, through the cash network selection Transmission distance is far, mutual service is more ideal media just around the corner. The continuous progress of the Internet, through the cable industry e-commerce platform to build, gathered buyers and sellers on an equal voluntary trade, through a professional system, and quickly achieve a more appropriate information matching, not only to solve the customers needs, but also help businesses ease the inventory pressure, More importantly, is to help the cable industry to enhance their own quality, promote the healthy development of the industry.

【The cable industry is facing a huge challenge. Diversifying into the international market】

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