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Innovation platform
shandong semiconductor lighting engineering technology center
Innovation idea
Innovation makes better future, technology based on you, creation changes tailor-made.
Patent leading
more than 20 kinds of products have reached the international advanced level
The results of our technology innovation

    In July 2013, the Group Technical Center was honored as "National Enterprise Technology Center"; Meanwhile,"an overseas R & D center." was established in Switzerland. Relying on strong scientific research strength, More than 120 patents have been achieved by our group,and anumber of them filled the blank of thchnologies,processes and products in China.


    R & D Center
    R&D center with headquarters in the industrys largest scientific research building and the most advanced research and development condition, the center has professional R&D staff of 162 people, including Ph.D 18 people. 

    The Swiss Research Center

    Baoshida Swissmetal company owns Reconvilier and Dornach,two industrial parks, devoted to manufacture copper and copper alloy products. Sales network spread in international market. Products are variable, including strips、wires、bars、generator section bars、high-density connector copper alloy、aerospace copper alloy etc.

     Innovative Concept

          Innovation makes better future, technology based on you, creation changes tailor-made.


















    Innovation makes better future, technology based on you, creation changes tailor-made.

    The technical center in headquarter is identified as the “National Enterprise Technical Center” by the National Development and Reform Commission. Baoshida sets up oversea R&D center in Switzerland, and owns three provincial enterprise technology centers and one provincial semiconductor lighting engineering technology center.



    防鼠防白蚁铁路信号控制电缆     阻燃耐油复合物绝缘软电缆     高阻值、低泄漏、耐油、耐高压绝缘橡胶
    高柔性高强度卷筒、拖链电缆     双涤纶丝玻璃丝包绕包空心铜扁线
    涤纶丝玻璃丝包高频烧结空心铜扁线      绝缘绕包不锈钢空心线


     high temperature ESP cable
    (5F450-2/01-5-GS、R400-4/01-5-GS)the cable conductor maximum operating temperature up to 232 ℃, insulation performance reach the standard requirements, with oil resistance, anticorrosion performance, high temperature resistant, high pressure such outstanding characteristic, and at the same time has a strong market competitiveness can produce great economic benefit.
    Screw pump special solid sucker rod
    The product joint for small drill pipe buckle, thread up to nine rings. Has the tight close distance by hand and by machine tight close distance. Driving screw pump, high strength, not trip. Have been sent to the Xinjiang Kelamayi oil field, used to drive screw pump special bar. Having remarkable economic benefits. 

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