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      Constructing talents training system, the improvement of talent capital appreciation of continuously. Build training system into a major training pattern, to establish effective training management system, the implementation of "unified leadership, professional management, level 3 implementation, responsible for oneself" management model, that is, for group human resources management center subsidiaries unified management training guiding ideology.

      At present, human resources management center has established the perfect training management system and all kinds of special operations personnel training plan, and guide each unit, department  to carry out the production field training related work, through the construction of the three training system, establish and perfect the training incentive mechanism, constructing the safety training long-term pattern. In order to further actively build talent training platform, foster the growth of the people become, in group reform and development process, the skill talent shortage, unreasonable structure problem, have restricted the development of the enterprise, therefore, human resources management center to vocational skills for professional management, have issued a series of policies and measures, strengthen the cultivation of skills operating personnel training.

      Group is into the modern international enterprise towards a fast development period, only by constantly through the promote overall study, to form the study atmosphere. Pay attention to detail management, standardize work process, improving the training pertinence, bigger and stronger training, improving training effect, making a "first-class team", improving the overall quality and high skill talented person troop construction, ability for group company production and construction and development provides a strong human resources support and guarantee.

      ⑴Human resources department and other departments formulate training plan according to the requirements, into the companys employees, must through the following contents of the training:

      ①Code of conduct study;
      ②General situation of enterprise, development strategy, enterprise culture training;
      ③The companys product knowledge, production safety training;
      ④The position of professional knowledge, skills training;
      ⑤Responsibilities and operation procedure training;
      ⑥ISO9000和ISO14000 quality system knowledge training.

      ⑵Setting up internal training and external training, according to the different levels of management, the content of the training system Settings will be different then.

      ⑶Network business school makes the learning group, the time has come, in the white-hot competition horses, the establishment of open learning culture crucial. "Baoshida business school" will adhere to the principle of practical and efficient, pragmatic, innovative ideas, through the unremitting efforts, for the group set up learning, communication, improving quality platform. And with the enterprise university way than centralized curriculum resources, the integration of training plan, group training and learning more economical, more effective and more directly, in order to promote the sustainable, healthy and quick development lay a solid foundation.

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