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Talent Cncept: People oriented in belief, promote capable, replace averages, relief incapable.

Baoshida Group with profound enterprise culture, advanced management mode, high-tech and high quality production, wide sales networks throughout all over the world and strong R&D strength, will promote our rapidly growing and expanding to pull off enterprise’s core values and being active contributor of building harmonious society.

 The capable promoted, the average gave way, the incapable fired.

 The people who have morality and talent are put in an important position.

 The people who have morality but no talent are trained.

 The people who have talent but no morality are given up.


We never let the workers who are in a thoroughgoing manner suffer losses. Position competition, lowest place eliminate; The main responsible of employee turnover belongs to the immediate superior; Company demands that the employees to be "enthusiasm, loyalty, talent" trinity principle; Enthusiasm, refers to the attitude to work, whether with all state into work; Loyalty, refers to the noble character,  faithful to Baoshida, a sense of identity and sense of belonging; Talent, refers to the staff has strong ability to work; the outstanding staff can be promoted, there is no the lifelong position.  The workers who have capability are promoted; while vice versa.  Judging  employees whether qualified or not , and the standard is to see arrangement of things is done or not; Arranged things are not to be done, is not qualified employees; Arrangement of things are to be done, is qualified employees; In the qualified staff: arranging one thing to do one thing, just basic qualified; Arranged things, by oneself around the overall goals, have specific steps, having the subjective initiative is excellent employees; Need not arrange, oneself heartly found things happened, and try to find things to do, is the outstanding staff. 


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